My First Fran

Today’s WOD was, as the title of the post suggests, “Fran”…one of the simplest but nastiest girls alive in the Crossfit world.  I’ve heard horror stories, but only when the workout popped up on my gym’s blog last night did my stomach start doing backflips.  Two months ago, I could barely squat a 45 lb barbell for a set of 15…how the F*** was I going to get through this 21-15-9 Thruster/Pull-Up mumbo jumbo?

I’m dedicating a post to this one workout because today I surprised myself and left really proud.  If you’ve been doing this for years and run Fran in no time with more weight than prescribed, good for you and I think you’re awesome but at least pretend like you’re interested for a minute…

My goal since starting Crossfit in a group setting (which is wonderful for getting motivated to push harder and actually increase your weights every now and then…funny how that works) is to get to a point where I can complete all workouts as Rx-ed.  It hasn’t happened yet…though I almost did it last weekend with “Kelly,” but I wussed out and grabbed the 8 lb medicine ball.  I was firmly chastised by my coach at the end, don’t you worry.

I had to test a few combinations of plates for the thrusters before the clock started since I wanted it to be as hard as possible while still allowing me to finish.  Pull-ups aren’t a problem, and I recently traded the green band for the blue one (go me!) and my I can finally kip without looking like a salmon in heat.  I figured out real quick that the 65 llb Rx wasn’t going to happen, but I settled on 55 lbs.  It’s close enough that by the time “Fran” rears her ugly head again I have no excuse not to at least Rx the weight.

My results?  8:44

Not much compared to Annie Thorisdottir’s 2:31 at Rx…but it’s a start!

I’m proud of myself.  The beauty of Crossfit is that everything is measured by how much effort you genuinely put into the workout and how you feel after you call time.  I definitely had to push through some mental and physical barriers during the round of 9 and had a nice burning sensation in my lungs.  I did NOT, however, receive a visit from the Pukie Monster, so it could have been worse.  Not looking forward to my wake-up at all…my shoulders and hip flexors are already giving me a hint as to what they’ve got in store.

Dinner tonight was leftover meatloaf with snap peas.  I forgot to snap a pic, and I feel bad because the meatloaf is The Man’s mother’s recipe and is out of this world.  I will, however, leave you with a snazzy picture of the salad I made later on (“Fran” left me with the munchies):


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