This Week’s Grocery and Workout Roundup

Wait for it….

Wait for it….



We’re celebrating our sub-$100 total over here…I was a little worried because I split my shopping between two different grocery stores and I actually ended up picking up more than I’d originally intended at the second one..but we made it!  It’s going to be tough to get the bill much lower than this, but I picked up some of those sale brochures for a few of the places I frequent for food, so let’s see how I do next Sunday…

I’ll follow all this up with some ways I’ve found to save money and still make sure you’re getting the healthiest food possible, eating organic where it counts, and planning meals effectively.

As for this week’s workouts…

Monday:  4-mile run, Halloween WOD
Tuesday:  Calisthenics at PT, but may as well have been a rest day
Wednesday:  4-mile run
Thursday:  2-mile run, Crossfit…3×2 Push Press @ 90% + “Fran”
Friday:  Rest
Saturday:  Crossfit…”Nicole” (no skill work for Saturday classes)
Sunday:  90 min. Vinyasa Yoga Class

(I log all of this on Fitocracy, too)

Not much else happening in this house…The Man is doing dishes (my hero!) and I’m about to start my weekly chicken-baking and hard-boiled-egg-ing ritual.


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