My Crossfit Total

The workout this morning was the Crossfit Total, one of the best measures of absolute strength.  Seeing as this was my first, it was good for me so I can chart my progress as I get stronger.The Crossfit Total is a sum of your 1 Rep Max on each of the “three most effective lifts for developing and testing functional strength” (Source): the back squat, shoulder press, and deadlift.

I had absolutely no idea when I walked in what my 1RM’s were for any of these (just logs of my skill sets at 75-90% from the last couple months), but we had some time to warm up and I’m pretty confident that what I ended up with was my 1RM since I hit failure at least once on two of the three lifts.

I have a ways to go until I’m on par with, say, Games competitors, but overall I surprised myself:

Back Squat:  103-123 (f)-113
Press:  63-73 (f)-68
Deadlift:  145-155-158

So, 113 + 68 + 158 = 339

(I want to give The Man some serious props for his 685!)

We headed home after class and worked around the house for a little bit, I worked on my final, prepped some chicken and eggs for the coming work week, and The Man is currently and courageously battling the remains of a dead (but still thorny) rosebush in the back yard.  

On the menu tonight: steaks!  The weather warmed up quite a bit over the weekend–perfect for grilling out.  Great end to a nice, long weekend.


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