Buck Furpees

I was right when I said that making it through yesterday’s WODwould have been an accomplishment…it was, and I was 8 sets of 4/4 pullups/dips short.  But I was wrong assuming the tough part would come after the 60 bar-facing burpees.  I don’t like regular burpees as it is but that’s more out of annoyance and frankly feeling really silly flopping around on the ground and then bursting upwards and clapping my hands like a baked cheerleader.Oh, no, bar-facing burpees are a whole other animal:


After the first 20 I was hurting, and that was only a third of the way through.  After 60, my lungs were burning a la the IOCT.

Unfortunately, OH squats use all the same muscles we exhausted during the burpees, so 30 of those was a painful, painful minute and a half.  But I managed to get through those and two pullup/dip combos before time was called for a total score of:


There’s a reason this was last year’s Crossfit Open WOD #4.  It hurts.


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