Warrior Dash FAIL

First, does this remind you of anyone lately?
OK, I’m officially done getting political.  I guess I’m just trying to delay having to admit that The Man and I woke up this morning and vehemently refused to make the hour’s drive down to South Austin for the Warrior Dash…
I know, I know.  But guess what?  We were effin’ exhausted, and we’re not sorry.  The Man got back from his conference late last night and I had a mandatory army social dealio up in Temple until late as well, and the whole week was pretty brutal as it was.  Today, we’re laying low and having a nice relaxing Saturday like normal people before all Hell breaks loose with the holiday season officially beginning next week.
I toasted some almond flax bread, slathered it in butter, and caught up on the headlines and some homework…
Opened up a pile of wedding gifts that showed up on the porch yesterday…
Who needs a fancy kitty condo when you can have a BOX?!  And PACKING TISSUE??!!
And then went on a run.  Yes, even though we skipped out on the Warrior Dash because we were too tired, The Man and I stared getting a little antsy.  We both sit in front of a computer for a living, so I suppose we aren’t as good at it when we know we’re not, I dunno…at work.
We ended up running down the road to a park we love right on the river.  It’s got a nice trail along the water that we usually run but today we opted for the 1.5 mile track around the park itself.  Recently, the Parks and Rec put up a series of outdoor fitness equipment at varying intervals all around the track, so we ran from station to station and gave it a whirl:
Station 1:  Pullups and rope climb
Station 2:  Vault hurdle
Station 3:  Hyperextensions, leg raises, and sit-ups
Station 4:  Stretching aids (we skipped this one since we hit it mid-run)
Station 5:  Dips, pushups, and L-sits
Station 6:  Chin-ups and horozontal ladder
Our run total was about 2.5 miles including the run to and from the park.  Total time from start to finish was less than 30 minutes…this is an awesome option for busy (or lazy) days.
We stretched out a bit in the living room before hopping in the shower.  The Husky, as always, made it as difficult as possible…
She loves the taste of salty, sweaty people…weirdo
And of course, Ms. Snugglebottom wanted in, too…
“Lower!  LOWER!!”
Say what you want about skipping out on a race to run at home instead, but we spared ourselves the drive and never had to change our clothes.
It’s back to homework over here.  I also need to rake up some leaves in the front yard before the HOA has a fit and put together this week’s grocery list and meal plan…which is thankfully going to be a short one since we’re heading up to visit my family for Thanksgiving!

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