I Got a Fever, and the Only Rx Is…

5 Rounds for Time:

10 Wall Balls (20/14)
15 Pushups
20 Box Jumps (24/20)
400m RunWe did this one with a partner today, so I would do 10 Wall Balls, then my partner would go, then I’d do Pushups, then she would, etc. with the run done together.

I did the whole thing as Rx-ed, meaning this was my very first Crossfit WOD done 100% as prescribed!  I know it’s fairly simple, but for me this is a big deal…the last time I did anything with a Wall Ball it was only 8 lbs. This WOD was a deceptively tough one, too…the simple ones always are (I got over 1200 points on Fitocracy for it...booyah!)

Our total time included the forced rest period while our partners completed their reps of Wall Balls, Pushups, and Box Jumps, but trust me, we needed those breaks.  I’m pretty sure if I’d tried to do the whole thing on my own without any breaks either my quads would have spontaneously combusted or I’d have puked.

Sounds like a challenge to me!

Total time:  27:18

The Man had to work late, otherwise I think it would have been perfect for us since he’s a better runner than me and might have pushed me to go a little faster, but it’s all good.

I came home to a crock pot full of porky goodness:

Pulled Pork Butt and Steamed Green Snap Peas
My muscles were aching and soaked all that protein right up.  I’m making an honest effort to eat some good pre- and post-workout snacks/meals but even today’s smoothie didn’t give me enough to soothe the burn.  The fattiness and saltiness of the pork was perfect.
Pork Butt is extremely easy (and cheap!) to toss in the crock pot first thing in the morning before work.  It has a lot of fat (that keeps it moist and tender), keeps very well as leftovers, and can be seasoned with just about anything (or nothing at all).
Since we’re out of the house for about 14 hours every work day, I just cook it on the “Low” setting the whole time and turn it down to “Warm” when I get home until we eat.  Be sure to turn the fatty side up so it gives the whole hunk a good dose of moisture and keeps it tender.  I’ve used a bunch of different seasoning combinations since I started cooking what has become a weekly tradition, but some of my favorites are:
1.  Salt, pepper, ground mustard, garlic, and rosemary
2.  Schmear the top with Paleo BBQ Sauce (recipe coming soon!)
3.  Toss in some chopped onion, a couple chopped garlic cloves, and some Italian seasoning
4.  Good ol’ salt and pepper!
This batch of pork butt was 11.33 pounds (raw) at $25.83.  We each ate about a pound of cooked meat for dinner, so I guessed that to be about $3-ish per person tonight.
I’ll be spending the day at a local climbing wall for work tomorrow (how cool is that?!), so I’m off to bed to give my body the rest it’s not-so-subtley demanding at the moment.
Side note…it’s only 8:30 and I’m going to bed.  When did I get so responsible?



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