My Day at WAQ and a Recipe

I mentioned last night that I’d be spending the day at a climbing wall for work today.  It was part of the Warrior Adventure Quest (WAQ) program–WAQ is a relatively new program that aims to helps soldiers returning from deployment deal more effectively with combat stress.

Everyone in my unit got to spend the day either rock climbing, mountain biking, or at a Zero Gravity park…all high adrenaline activities that would help us channel our energy into activities that are fun instead of self-destructive.

We all had a really good time and the feedback at the end was really positive (I can’t always say the same for a lot of “mandatory fun” Army activities).  Everyone got some good instruction and a ton of time to just go around the gym and climb to their heart’s content.  I think my forearms got the workout of the century!

When I got home, I whipped up tomorrow’s meals for The Man and myself.  I’m trying to get rid of some leftovers before the holiday weekend, so I had to get a little creative.  I used the last of the salmon from Sunday night for some salads with some hard-boiled eggs for extra protein for lunch.  For his breakfast, I threw together a scramble with lamb and sauteed mushrooms and onions with some salt, pepper, and rosemary:

And for me, I have a NEW RECIPE!  I made this for myself the other day on a whim and it came out really, really well.

Sweet Potato Hash Browns
1 Small (or Half a Large) Sweet Potato
1/2 Sweet Onion
2T Coconut Oil or Butter
1 t Cinnamon
1/4 t Sea Salt
1/4 t Black Pepper
Optional Add-ins:
Smoked Salmon
Chopped Nuts

Grate the sweet potato.  In a large skillet over medium-high heat, melt the butter or coconut oil…do NOT skimp on the fat, as hash browns need enough of it to get that crispy brown-ness that makes them great.  Sautee the onions for about 2-3 minutes, then add the sweet potatoes.  Stir enough to coat everything in the butter/oil, then add seasonings.  Cook for about 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally, until tender and slightly browned.

Serve with butter and/or greek yogurt or sour cream.  My mom is Lithuanian, and these reminded me so much of the potato pancakes she makes.  So good.

Again, I know my sh*tty camera phone does not do these dishes justice.  Someday, I hope the blog can be a haven for all things Paleo Food Porn, but until then…I’m dropping hints like crazy 😉


One response to “My Day at WAQ and a Recipe

  1. Since you left your breakfast for me at work I went ahead and had that along with the salmon for lunch. Loved the hash browns! Especially with the Greek yogurt on top, that was amazing.

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