Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re just about done packing up this morning and are taking a little time to chill out before our whirlwind weekend of travel begins.  We’re flying straight into Baltimore to go to my aunt’s house for dinner…then driving back to VA tonight…spending the day at my parents’ house tomorrow…going to my bridal shower Saturday and leaving for Washington, DC…and finally flying back super early on Sunday.  Oh, and I have to be at work an hour earlier than normal on Monday morning for a weigh-in.  Who needs sleep?Last night was everything a good birthday should be…

Gluten-free pizza (not Paleo) and wine…
Cookie Cake!!! (TOTALLY not Paleo…)

The Man definitely knows how to make me melt on my feet 😉
This morning, I had some almond-flax bread for breakfast with some apple butter:
And used the last bit to make a sandwich for the plane.  Also in my bag: huge water bottle, bananas, and hard-boiled eggs.  I may have cheated for my birthday, but we don’t do nasty plane/airport food.
We’ve also released about a dozen crickets in the house for Ms. Snugglebottom to hunt while we’re gone.  I’ll discuss this in a later post, but we got the idea here.
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

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