Home Again…with a New Recipe (sorta) and This Week’s Grocery Bill

First of all, I caught wind of a chance between now and the New Year to catch some food science journal articles FOR FREE over at SpringerLink.  My next semester of classes doesn’t start till January, so I’ll be perusing the lot of them through the holiday season…you know you want to join me!…and cooking up a little crock pot mystery meat…

I’ll be posting a recipe later…it’s nothing special, just a new take on an old recipe, but I want to make sure this new version doesn’t suck before I publish it.

In the meantime, I cooked up some more chicken and eggs for the week, as well as some butternut squash.  It’s so perfect for the fall.  My breakfast for tomorrow is stupid with squash:

Mixed greens in date-balsamic dressing, 2 fried eggs, and about 1/4 large baked butternut squash.
Lunch is going to be another salad with baked chicken and hard-boiled eggs…it’s not too exciting, but it works!
No meal plan for the week yet, but I managed to get this week’s shopping done today without one.  We had a decent amount of food left over in the fridge but I needed to stock up on some staples like almond flour, canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, etc that I like having around to use as I need them.
This week’s bill:
I think I’m getting the hang of this!



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