F**K it…Just do Some Tabatas

The Man and I were determined to bounce back from our weekend away.  Unfortunately, neither of us was up for much of a workout yesterday (he took another day off and I went for a leisurely 3-mile run at PT).  So we resolved to go to Crossfit tonight since the whole month of December is on a drop-in basis.Well, I got home and realized I didn’t feel like driving all the way down to Round Rock…I’m still recovering from having to be in an hour early yesterday.  So, we decided to go down to the park and get a good workout in on the public fitness equipment again.

Well, I didn’t feel like going all the way to the park (which is a whole mile from our house…don’t judge).  So, we compromised and just did some Tabatas instead.  Simple, fast, but oh, so schweaty…

1/2-mile run (around the block)
Tabata Push-ups
Tabata Squats
Tabata Sit-ups
Tabata Flutter Kicks
1/2-mile run

We were going to do burpees but I was in the mood for some abs-action (and let’s face it, burpees suck) so the flutter kicks were a last-minute addition.  I’m pretty sure the neighbors thing we have issues since we were working out on the front lawn and making some not-so-discrete lunk noises.

As for today’s eats…

I’ve been working on a little something in the kitchen this week…One of the blogs I frequent featured an Apple Omelet yesterday and I was intrigued.  If the thought of apples over eggs makes you want to dry-heave, never fear…the original recipe has an egg-and-flour base similar to a crepe, so what you get is basically a German apple pancake (staple of my childhood…oh, this was gonna happen).

I nixed the wheat flour, milk, and sugar and used coconut flour instead.

Only problem was, it didn’t hold together at all, so I had more of a coconut flour-apple “scramble”…
But it was so good, I knew there had to be a better way.  So this evening I tried the same ingredients but in a skillet (like my coconut crepes...the recipes are pretty similar):
It definitely turned out a little more solid, but not quite as clean as I’d like…I’ve got a few more tricks up my sleeve so I’ll give it another go tomorrow.  It’s delicious as is, but I’m not going to publish a recipe if it’s going to fall apart on the plate.
Stay tuned…the unfortunate part of Paleo cooking is that there’s a lot of trial-and-error involved!

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