Weekend Wrap-up

Very sore and bruised this morning, but I somehow managed not to wimp out of my yoga class.  I’m really thankful I went, too, because it wasn’t as intense as it usually is.  I was definitely feeling a little weak in the hips, though!

After class, I ran over to the co-op across the street and got some lunch:

Spinach, broccoli, carrots, ‘chokes, radishes, and turkey sausage topped with olive oil and vinegar

Life in a cup

From there I made my way home, stopping for groceries on the way.  This week’s bill:
The Man is out all day working on application essays to business schools, so I did meal prep for the week and whipped up a batch of gluhwein.  
Sweet mug, I know…
Christmas in a cup!  I think I’m finally getting in the right mood for the holidays.  I forgot how much I missed the season since I missed it all last year.
The night is still young, and I’m getting ready to make some Paleo Aloo Gobi, then snuggle up on the couch for some Pillars of the Earth with this little lady:
Till tomorrow!


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