When Adrenals Attack

Even though I took a rest day yesterday, I woke up this morning feeling slow, foggy-headed, and generally like garbage.  I’ve been feeling like this since before Thanksgiving but today it was especially bad.  Not a huge shocker–I’m no stranger to adrenal fatigue thanks to some crazy hours, a Type-A personality, and a penchant to be reckless with my training.

Granted it’s my own damn fault that I don’t have a low-stree job, get 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night, or periodize my workouts perfectly to maintain 8-pack abs while taking enough recovery.


As I write this you could cut my brain fog with a knife.  I have a bad habit of ignoring my internal screams for mercy, but today is enough of a wake-up call to start taking it easy for the next couple of days (famous last words).  At the onset of adrenal fatigue it’s super important to tighten up your habits…standard Paleo/Primal habits always do a body good but take extra care to exercise smart (read: low-level, strength-based, minimal metcons, and don’t try to break any records) and make an extra-special effort to eat healthy fats (yes, please!) and antioxidants and consume enough food in general to fuel recovery.
The Man was feeling equally as atrocious–and it’s no wonder since he’s been working on grad school apps and GMAT prep and has probably slept a total of 4 hours all week–so instead of a long run like we typically schedule on Wednesdays, we just headed over to the gym, warmed up, and worked on some strength-based skills where we could both use a little improvement.

5 x 5 @ 70%

Push Press
5 x 5 @ 70%

Bench Press
5 x 5 @ 70%

Nothing crazy, but I felt great afterwards…a good rush of endorphines without overdoing the cortisol or sending my adrenals into overdrive (again).  Hopefully things will die down and I can stop being stupid so I can get back to my old self.
On another note, The Man has another late night tonight, so I’m racking my brain for something new I can try for dinner.  I certainly prefer road-testing recipes when I’m the only one who has to eat it…


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