Paleo Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you’re buying for a Paleo aficionado or someone special whom you’re not-so-subtly attempting to bring to the dark side, I put together a pretty decent roundup of gifts for Paleo Nutri-Geeks, Crossfitters, Yogis, Newbies, and everyone in between…For the Foodie


The Misto
Cast Iron Grill Pan
Bento Boxes
Mandolin Slicer
Food Dehydrator

Best Cookbooks:

Make It Paleo
Everyday Paleo
Paleo Comfort Foods
The Primal Blueprint Cookbook
The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook


Bake a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies
Give a free cooking lesson

For the Newbie

Primal Body, Primal Mind
Good Calories, Bad Calories
The Primal Blueprint Quick and Easy Meals
The Original Paleo Diet

For the Crossfitter/Fitness Enthusiast


New Kicks (Check out the review of these babies over at FitBomb)
Official Games Gear
A Witty Paleo T-Shirt
ANYTHING from Lululemon 😉

For the Home-Gym-In-Progress:

Pull-up Bar
Foam Roller
Yoga mats, belts, and blocks
Gymboss Interval Timer

For the Caveman Who Has Everything

Other Resources

Handmade Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas
Steve’s Original
10 Holiday Gifts for Your Primal Tribe
Holiday Gifts for the Health and Fitness Enthusiast


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