X-Mas Minus Five

Another half-day at work complete with more chocolate for breakfast

The blisters on my palms are still pretty painful and nasty-looking.  Please, God, don’t let tomorrow’s WOD have any more pullups…

With Christmas only five days away (eek!!) and the end of a very eventful year just around the corner, a little chocolate is just what we all deserve, right?

After heading home I threw together a big salad with chicken, butternut squash, spinach, and grape tomatoes with the last of a batch of tahini salad dressing.

I’m really getting super excited to see my family and friends back home, so the rest of the afternoon is dedicated to the last of my Christmas shopping and gift-wrapping.  I got a stack of invites sent out yesterday, but if I have some time left over I wouldn’t mind addressing a few more envelopes…we’ve made some great progress but it feels like my address list never ends!

For dinner tonight I’m planning a healthy dose of (low-maintenance) comfort food, plus a batch of these babies…

Expect a review a little later!  LOVE these guys…

The rain is finally letting up, so hopefully we can break out the fire pit tonight, too!  It’s definitely cold enough, and a warm fire and glass (or five) of wine would make the perfect night in before the holiday craziness gets rolling 😉

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