Baking and Blisters

I’m bringing a tray of two different kinds of Paleo-friendly (and Man-approved!) cookies (Chocolate Chip Cookies and Thumbprint Cookies from Primal Palate)** up to my parents’ place for Christmas as well as a batch of my Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins to share.

You know you want to smell my kitchen right now 😉

For the Chocolate Chip Cookies, I used agave nectar instead of maple syrup (the flavor isn’t as strong) and the Thumbprint Cookies are topped with melted white chocolate chips (just tossed bowlful with a little coconut oil in the microwave for 45 seconds).

We’ve both been running around like crazy people today trying to get everything ready for the big road trip–gift-wrapping, packing, cleaning…you name it.  I’m also doing some culinary prep work for the ride.  I have a loaf of Almond-Flax Bread baking away…

Before we go I’ll pre-slice it for easy access.  I got some nitrate-free organic ham for sandwiches and some apple butter and almond butter to spread on for a great breakfast or snack.  I also have a stash of Lara Bars, trail mix, apples, and oranges ready to go in the cooler.  “Traditional” square meals definitely go out the window when you’re road-tripping, but I’m making sure we can be as healthy as we can given the constraints.  I’d like to arrive with my digestive tract intact, thank you.

Tonight’s workout is one of those that looks like it won’t be too bad but still gives me the heebie-jeebies…


Wall Balls (20/14)
KB Swings (50/35)
Walking Lunge w/ KB

I know I tell this to myself every time, but I bet I can Rx this one (I’ll just have to accept that my time won’t be too terribly fast).  My lats and shoulders are still pretty sore from Monday, and the blisters on my hands are still open, so I’ll have to tape them up but only the kettlebell swings have the potential to be problematic, so we’ll see…

Dinner tonight is going to be…interesting.  We have so little in the house so I’m debating a couple of options.  More than likely we’ll be doing breakfast for dinner (we always have plenty of bacon and eggs laying around)…

**The original recipes for these cookies say to bake at 375 for 15 minutes.  The first batch of chocolate chip cookies came out a little crispy, so I just baked the rest at 350 for somewhere between 13 and 15 mins.  Ditto for the thumbprint cookies.


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