Whole30, Day 1

Bacon and eggs over sweet potato hash browns (made with olive oil).

After a late night and one too many glasses of champagne, I was really craving something involving bacon and runny eggs.  So, so good.  If I had the time I could eat this and only this for breakfast all month.

Spinach salad with chicken thighs pan-fried in olive oil with salt and pepper.  I dressed it all up with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.


Roast Chicken with Sausage Stuffing and roasted Brussels sprouts.

This was originally going to be a stuffed goose a la Julia Child, but the $68 price tag sent me in search of cheaper birds.  It was so rich I can’t imagine how this would have been with a fattier duck or goose!

For the rest of the day, we bummed around and finished up the last of the wedding invites–I don’t dare say it aloud but WE ARE DONE WITH THEM FOR-EFFING-EVER!!!  I had what is probably the simplest design on the market, didn’t have multiple layers of envelopes, didn’t hand-address them, and they still took forever.  My hands are paper-cut and weary and I think I may have been poisoned from the glue, but never again…

He’s such a good helper 🙂
We’re taking a rest day today, though I may pop in a yoga DVD later to soothe my aching muscles.  I’m planning a long-ish run tomorrow as a kick start to prep for the Austin Half-Marathon in February.  The nice thing about half-marathons is that they really don’t require the same level of training that the full marathons do, but it’s still been a really long time since I got in any good distance.  The farthest I’ve run since I got back from Iraq was the 8-ish miles of the Super Spartan.  I was shocked at how well I did despite the fact I’d run so little–Crossfit really does work wonders like that–so I’m not too terribly worried about the half, either.  I’m no stranger to long distances (it used to be the only thing I knew how to do), and I had to learn the hard way that running yourself to death only makes you slower, weaker, and just plain miserable.  I figure I can get away with a “long” run (8-10 miles) once a week or so without doing too much damage to the adrenals.
Until tomorrow!  I’ve got an Indian Feast planned for dinner…get excited!


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