Whole30, Day 2

I’ve been screwing with the layout of the blog off and on all day after I figured out that you can do that…yes, I am slow.  I would also like to apologize to anyone who might have been trying to view the site and had the text disappear on them randomly.  I’m also not very good at picking color schemes.  *Sigh*

Today is our last day off before heading back to work…ugghhhh.  I packed up my work bag and did a load of uniforms in the wash this morning and it’s making me really, really depressed.  At least it’s a short week this week and starting the 16th, I’ll be in San Antonio for a three week course at AMEDD.  Every medic and Med Service officer in the Army bends over backwards for a chance to spend some time down at Ft. Sam Houston since it’s such a beautiful post, right downtown, and the chance to sit back and be a student and not have too much responsibility is a nice break.

I’ve also been getting some bulk food ready for the week, and I had to go shopping again for some more of the basics.  I was looking for bacon in particular since we cleared it out for breakfast yesterday and Sprouts was completely out of anything without added brown sugar or cane juice.  I usually get our bacon at Whole Foods because their in-house brand has nothing but salt added, but I didn’t have time to go all the way to Austin.  Instead, I picked up some ground sausage and beef chorizo to add to our breakfasts this week.  Luckily, our lunch salads with chicken and hard-boiled eggs aren’t going to change much.


Eggplant “Hole in the Head” from Make it Paleo topped with some Central Market Organic marinara.


Baked chicken thigh over salad greens with olive oil and roasted garlic cloves.  To roast the garlic, I just tossed a handful of peeled cloves on top of the chicken thighs in a baking dish and baked it at 375 for one hour.  The drippings from the chicken got dumped on the salad, too…soooooo good!


Paleo Aloo Gobi and Baingan Bharta.  The Man and I love Indian food and agreed it had been way too long!  (We had salad on the side, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic)


Today’s Workout

I went for a mid-distance run today (5.5 miles, 45 minutes).  I wasn’t going for speed as much as I just wanted to see how I’d feel.  Even though the holiday break wasn’t an especially active one, I did feel pretty good.  Besides the half coming up next month, I know we’re going to be running a lot at work since we’ve got the APFT at the end of January, too, so I’d like to be ahead of the game 🙂

Speaking of working out, I’ll be taking a break from my Crossfit gym this month since we pay by the month and I’ll be away for half of this one anyway.  This is going to be a good chance to see how disciplined I can be on my own.  There’s a great gym on Ft Hood with all the necessary equipment that anyone can use for free, so my goal is to hit it up at least three times a week to work on some lifts and try to do some WODs on my own.  Like any good Crossfit affiliate, Defiant publishes their WODs on their blog, so hopefully I can keep up!

If I end this month skinny and sinewy, though, I apologize ahead of time…


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