Whole30, Day 4

I felt like absolute garbage all day today, which is undoubtedly due in part to a poor night’s sleep last night but since the lethargy hasn’t really improved with exercise, coffee, or food I’m going to blame this one on a low-carb flu.  I’ve experienced it before, but it always sucks.  The Man and I mused about this over lunch and realized that our carb intake has been much, much lower over the last four days than ever before.  Even during our past Whole30 experiences we were eating a lot of sweet potatoes, fruit, and nuts.


Three-egg omelette with ground sausage, onions, pepper, and mushrooms.  (For some reason, the word “omelette” isn’t in Google’s dictionary, so I literally just spent 10 minutes trying to make sure I’d spelled it correctly…clearly I’m leading a productive life)


Same salad I had yesterday, except an extra hard-boiled egg and minus the roasted garlic and avocado.  When I got home I tossed a batch in the oven for tomorrow with some drippings from yesterday’s Big Butt.  They slurp up the fat while baking and get nice and crisp on the outside…*drool*


Leftovers!  I also roasted up a batch of Brussels sprouts in Big Butt drippings as well (wow, that sounds nasty…).

Leftover Big Butt for The Man, Leftover Roast Chicken with Sausage Stuffing for me.


After heading over to the gym this afternoon for my self-WOD (that also sounds a little dirty…I’m on a roll today), I had a banana.

And then a glass of grapefruit juice when I got home.

Today’s Workout

I ran 3.5 miles this morning with a friend and felt OK…we finished in almost exactly 28 minutes.  She was feeling it a little more than I was, for sure, but it’s good to have someone pushing you.  Then this afternoon I popped in the gym to wake my muscles up after way too long of a hiatus from lifting heavy things.  If my run was just “OK,” my attempt at strength training was just pathetic.  I did a warmup similar to the one we do at Defiant and was originally going to do “Jackie” like The Man did yesterday but quickly settled for some work on my form on key lifts instead.  I did a few sets of kipping pull-ups as well…I was only in there for about half an hour and was pooped.

I wish I had something a little more fun and super fantastic to talk about today, but I don’t…boo 😦

Bonus material…

In the interest of inspiring Whole30 success, however, I will leave you with a handy guide to seasonal produce straight from The Source…eating seasonally is healthier, tastier, more sustainable, and cheaper!

Whole9 Guide to Veggies and Fruits


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