Whole30, Day 5

Since Thursday is “Family Day” at Ft. Hood, The Man and I headed home at 3:00 and got to work on some work around the house.  For one, I’m tired of the guest bedroom being the spillover laundry room and our office being a glorified storage closet : – /  For another, The Man has a couple grad school apps due next week and needed to get cracking on some essays.

Since I actually had a little extra time to prep meals for tomorrow, I made some Paleo Patacones from PaleOMG.  I adore fried plantains and when these little guys popped up on The Foodee I knew I had to try them!  They’ll make a great breakfast alongside some eggs, no?

We’ve both been having some weird cravings since we started the Whole30, too…The Man sent me a text this morning from the office to let me know he was having a murderous craving for chocolate–which is bizarre because he isn’t really a chocolate person.  As for me, I’ve been dying for heavy whipping cream…not even the sweetened kind, just straight up on some berries or something…I don’t know if this means I need more fat or what, but I’d drop kick a kitten right now for even a little bit!  *Sigh*

Otherwise, nothing new.  I meant to get into the gym at some point during the workday but I was too busy, so I just did a quick but painful WOD at home thanks to a 1 pood kettlebell and The WOD Shop:

5 Rounds

10 Pushups
10 KB Swing
10 Goblet Squats

Owwwwwwww.  I finished in 8:28.


Omelete with veggies and a banana.


You guessed it…another chicken/avocado/roasted garlic/hard-boiled egg salad.


After the WOD, I chowed down on the scooped out bottom of a butternut squash with almond butter…


I was originally planning on a baked salmon fillet, but since I’m just so brilliant I forgot to take it out of the freezer…so I had some Big Butt and The Man did Aloo Gobi.  I also did another batch of roasted Brussels sprouts.  Deja vu, anyone?

Till tomorrow!

Something to think about:

Even though man has been evolving for 10,000 years, our daily necessities for both micro and macro-nutrients really hasn’t changed much…which might be why a Paleo lifestyle both works and makes you feel better.  Go figure.


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