Husky Friday!

(Whole30, Day 6)

My appetite was MIA most of the day and I can’t think of why…I didn’t work out on my own today but still had morning PT, and I didn’t eat any more than normal.  Last night’s dinner was a pretty sizable meal, though, with plenty of delicious fat, but still nothing too out of the ordinary.

I’m still feeling a little of the lethargy that I’m attributing to my post-holiday low-carb flu, but it’s not quite as bad as it was earlier this week…but then again, my breakfast was a little more carb-heavy than the ast few days 🙂


Patacones, eggs, and a handful of blueberries.


Same Old Salad…I didn’t even bother snapping a pic because I think you can figure out what it looked like.  Chicken, avocado, balsamic, spinach, and other assorted veggies.  Since I wasn’t too hungry at lunch, I passed on the hard-boiled eggs and extra fruit I brought in as well.


The salmon was STILL a little frozen when we got home but I thawed it in a freezer bag under some luke-warm water in the sink.  Probably not the BEST possible way to do it and maintain quality, but we needed something besides leftovers this week!

Baked salmon and roasted garlic cloves with roasted baby squash…

No workout today besides PT…tomorrow I’m going to try going on another long-ish run.

The Husky came in to work with me today since I feel so guilty about leaving her at the house day after day while we’re at work.

She got to run with The Man for PT and got all kinds of lovin’ from everyone.  At one point I think one of my soldiers gave her some pizza, which might explain why she was comatose most of the afternoon.

Food for thought:

-Chris Kresser tells us why we ought to be eating more, not less, cholesterol for better health.  MMMMM egg yolks…

-Eating locally is better for you (duh).  If your excuse is that you don’t have any local farmers or farmer’s markets, check Eat Wild for local farms and retailers…you might be surprised.  This morning I found a farmer’s market in Round Rock and a co-op that sells free-range eggs and dairy in North Austin I had no idea existed.  Before, I was sure that our only options were the once-a-week FM in downtown Austin and Whole Foods, but apparently there’s quality even closer!


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