One Week Down!

(Whole30, Day 7)

After breakfast this morning, The Man and I headed down to the farmers’ market in Round Rock…which, it turns out, no longer exists.  Instead, we just went grocery shopping and loaded up on produce.  The case of grapefruits and sacks of apples and oranges are headed for the juicer very, very soon…


I threw together a salad with shredded cabbage tossed in olive oil and apple cider vinegar with leftover salmon and butternut squash.

After laying around the house for a while catching up on The Real Housewives of New York (Ramona’s NOT preggers, btw) I texted a friend to see if she was up for a garage WOD.  This one was one of Defiant’s that we missed last week, and it was brutal

2 min Push-Ups
1 min Rest
2 min Squats
1 min Rest
2 min Pull-Ups
1 min Rest
2 min Sit-Ups
1 min Rest
2 min Box Jumps, 20″ Box

Each person’s score was the sum of total number of reps completed.  It was great, too, because with three people working out at once with only one pull-up bar and one box, we could each start on something different but still be on the same intervals.


As soon as I got home I threw a banana in a mug with some cinnamon and nuked it for a minute…I was craving a little sweetness and this did it for me.  Also, cinnamon improves insulin sensitivity and helps reduce inflammation.  Yay for science!


I pan-seared some steaks in coconut oil with some salt, pepper, ground mustard, and a little cayenne.  On the side was steamed asparagus and some mushrooms and onions I sauteed up in the steak juice left in the pan.

Another night in like the old people we are.  Yoga in the morning…it’s been way too long!

Food for thought:

-First off, if the first week on your Whole30 has you hating life, stay strong!  I can’t tell you how bad I want a glass of wine (or a round of shots) some days after work, but sticking with it for just 3 more weeks will pay off in a BIG way.  You Get What You Pay For!

-I love Crossfit and what it’s done for me.  Is it perfect?  No.  The Man and I were musing today about some of the intrinsic flaws of Crossfit as a long-term fitness solution.  I still think it’s use of intervals, varied lengths, alternating heavy lifting with metcons, and emphasis on the Paleo diet (in general) is great and should be acknowledged.  However, there are some notable flaws in the programming, culture, and history of the “sport.”  I don’t think any system or method is perfect and that’s why we don’t plan to stop anytime soon (we haven’t stopped running, either!), but we’re always looking to find the best way to periodize and train as smart and effectively as we can (The Man has been looking into Max Effort Black Box, and my interest is certainly piqued).  The Paleo diet has changed its recommendations over time with experience and science to back it up, and exercise should be the same way.


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