Whole30, Day 12

What. A. Day.I won’t get into specifics right now…or ever because even though I share some details of my day-to-day life this isn’t a public diary.  Let’s just say there’s been a complete range of emotions caused by a great variety of moving parts, shall we?  Maybe I’ll have some more energy tomorrow to wax poetic a little bit once I’ve actually gotten a full night’s sleep this weekend, but for now, here’s today’s eats.

(I’m displaying meals in opposite order because my breakfast and snack pics are extra-specially crappy quality today…sweet, phone)


One of my favorite recipes ever…Sarah Fragoso‘s Better Butter Chicken over some sauteed cabbage and asparagus.  We devoured it…but I left just enough to make a solid breakfast tomorrow.  I’m digging curry-like stuff first thing in the morning lately…


Leftover Aloo Gobi.


Salad with chicken and avocado with tahini dressing.


Fresh OJ.



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