From San Antonio…

While it wasn’t the Epic Christmas Road Trip, I still had a fair amount of prep work to do before heading down to San Antonio this afternoon (because I’m OCD like that).  While it’s an Army course and I don’t have to bring much in the way of clothes, I still ended up with two duffel bags…I’ll be there three whole weeks and I honestly don’t know what the laundry situation is going to look like.

In terms of food and eating implements, I made a small batch of Carrot-Raisin Muffins (recipe to follow soon!) to get me through the first couple of days and brought some nuts, cashew butter, canned pumpkin, baked butternut squash, nutritional yeast, fish oil, flax meal, almond flour, dishes, utensils, a toaster oven, a mini-griddle, tupperware, and measuring cups…yeah, it’s a lot for three weeks, but I’m picky…

Wanna know what’s sad??  I’m in what I would consider to be a pretty nice hotel, but my mini-fridge is almost as small as my microwave.  Life is hard sometimes…

Even though it’s not a terribly long time, it was hard to walk out the door and have to say goodbye to The Man and the animals.  He’s coming down in two weeks to hang out, so it’s not like I won’t see him anytime soon…and we did an entire year apart when I was in Iraq, so this is nothing…but still…ya know?

Anyway, I’m determined to treat this time away as a mini vacation.  I need it.  I mean, I’m living in a hotel and someone cleans my room for me every day.  Legit!!

We had a nice, long holiday weekend at home and managed to accomplish absolutely nothing whilst clad in yoga clothes the entire time.  Last night I killed the rest of the beef cheeks, over some garlic mashed cauliflower (just like bacon mashed cauliflower, but without the bacon and a garlic clove tossed in the mix).

Fancy, huh??

Breakfast today was some “granola”…strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries with raw cashews and coconut milk.

Lunch was a chicken thigh and a scotch egg over spinach with tahini dressing.

Scotch EggsSuper Awesome Party Balls!!

See you soon!  I’ll absolutely be letting you know how goes my search for food over the next few weeks…just a warning, I’ll either starve or drown in a tub of cookie dough.


3 responses to “From San Antonio…

  1. Thanks! They’re pretty much the most genius culinary creation known to man.

    Melissa, I just got your book and it’s A-mazing. Thank you for all you do!

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