Like a (Extra) Virgin

First day of class was fast and furious, but my back is absolutely killing me because I spend a good 8 hours sitting in a posture-pedic chair.  Because we ran overtime at lunch, I also ate my lunch in my car listening to satellite radio like the Cool Kid I am…

Salad from Whole Foods with spinach, steamed kale, turkey, olives, and olive oil.  I’m on an olive oil kick lately when it comes to my salads–like, oil and vinegar minus the vinegar.  Especially extra virgin olive oil…with a little sea salt…so rich…so delicious

(In case you’re actually interested, I’m addicted to Napa Valley Naturals.  No, I’m not being paid to say that…it’s just really, really good, organic, and cheap)

Ft. Sam has a pretty good gym, so I headed over after class.  However, there was some major road work being done and I got routed out the gate and onto the freeway.  Only me.  San Antonio traffic sucks…a lot…so I said f**k it and just went back to the hotel and figured I could try the gym there.

I’m always wary about hotel gyms because more often than not, I find that they’re made up of a set of 10 lb dumbbells and an ’80’s era treadmill.  Luckily, this one it pretty decent…there’s a nice little fleet of Life Fitness cardio machines and a complete set of dumbbells in a good sized room.  More importantly, it wasn’t super crowded at 6pm (though in a 25-floor hotel that’s completely booked this week, that’s actually pretty sad).  Even though I still want to hit up the post gym to get some lifts and swimming in, the hotel gym was so nice that I’m not opposed to working out here most nights of the week.  Tonight, I went for an interval run:

.5 mile @ 10 min/mi
.25 mile @ 7 min/mi
.25 mile @ 6 min/mi
.5 mile @ 10 min/mi
.25 mile @ 7 min/mi
.25 mile @ 6 min/mi
.5 mile @ 10 min/mi
.25 mile @ 6.5 min/mi
.25 mile @ 5.5 min/mi

Then I did 3 RDS of 10 x push-ups and 15 x GHD sit-ups.  Nothing crazy, but as Fitbomb might say, it “got the gunk out!”

Dinner was from Central Market…and for those of you not from Texas I am so, so sorry.  In case you didn’t know, Whole Foods began in Austin and CM was sort of HEB’s response to it.  They have a pretty killer prepared foods selection and I’m not gonna lie, it took every ounce of willpower to keep me away from a bucket o’ prok BBQ.  Instead, I settled for “Thai-Stlye Pork and Shrimp Meatballs”…

With some garlic roasted Brussels sprouts…which aren’t nearly as good as mine but were certainly tasty…

Until tomorrow!  I’m looking to try out a hot yoga class over on Broadway 🙂


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