Blog Doctrine and My Fleet of Huskies

Last night I went for a short run and collapsed on the bed, flipped on some pay-per-view, and fell asleep mid-text-war with The Man.  Well, not so much a text “war” as a disjointed texting frenzy in which he was essentially rubbing in my face the fact I couldn’t watch this week’s Ti-Vo’d collection of The Daily Show and I was going back and forth between complaining about my hotel’s lack of my favorite TV channels and waxing poetic about how much I want another puppy.  Specifically, how I want another husky…and some day, perhaps a Fleet of Huskies to pull me all around town on a sled.

No, really.  That’s how I spent my Friday night.  Don’t judge.

I miss her 😦

By the time I got up this morning, the sun was already up and I was starving.  I watched some early coverage of the South Carolina primary (yes, I’m a Politigeek), computed, and Google-Read whilst consuming an absurd amount of coffee and the last of the carrot-raisin muffins.

Besides my usual round of catching up with news, emails, and other “regulars,” I spent a good deal of time perusing Food Blog Alliance, a pretty comprehensive resource for food bloggers with almost everything you can think of–suggestions for design/layout, post construction, admin stuff, photography, legal stuff…for example, there is a great article on when you should list a recipe as “adapted from” versus “inspired by” another blogger’s recipe and another one that links to an extended list of food adjectives.  I stumbled across it last night and I’m hooked…clearly I’m not a professional blogger, and even though blogging is highly individualized, there’s a ton of “doctrine” in the blogosphere I had no idea existed.  Whether you’re new to blogging or not, I would highly recommend browsing some of the articles for some inspiration…I doubt anyone couldn’t find something new!

Whether this is a true “food blog” or not is something I’ve been rolling around in my mind a lot lately.  There’s also the question of whether or not I can claim the “fitness blog” label, too, since I do talk about fitness and exercise but it’s certainly not a dominant topic…feel free to weigh in here.  Obviously, nothing governs the usage of those titles, but the lines get fuzzy sometimes.  By no means do I pump out the volume of recipes or choreograph my own workouts like some of the Bigger Names (who can, by the way, get away with writing posts like this one that’re all talk and no cook that’s just as widely read without people thinking they’re just ranting like a crazy person…sorry, guys).  It would also help if I had any photography skills…but at least I’m using a real camera these days instead of my phone.  Success!

Anyhoo…I’ll spare you from here.  I swear I didn’t just sit at my computer all day reading Blog Doctrine.  I swear I actually have a life.  Sometimes.

Later in the morning I went over to the same yoga studio I found the other day for a “Power Vinyasa” class.  I’m extremely critical of Vinyasa classes anywhere but my “home studio” in Austin–our instructor is unbelievable.  Everyone probably says that about their favorite teacher, but seriously…Keith is one-of-a-kind and I refuse to believe that there is anyone who even comes close.  The class this morning was a heck of a workout so I can’t complain too much, but had none of the spirituality that I like in my yoga practice…win some, lose some.

Post-yoga refreshment:

Fruit salad, coffee (!!!), and microwaved banana with cashew butter

If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been ravenous for sweet and carby foods this morning…not sure what’s going on with that.  The rest of my day involves copious amounts of shopping.  Trust me, I need it.  I’d like to have something other than yoga pants and ratty T-shirts to wear once in a while…you know, like a normal person 😉


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