A Killer Hotel Room Workout

I’ve been forcing myself to sit still all day.  The whole week was crazy busy in class, and I was on the go pretty much all day yesterday with a planned relaxing evening that was promptly ruined…first, the blog had its little hiccup and then my TV went out.  I know, life is soooo hard.  Whatever, it was stressful, ok?

What I’m trying to say is…I needed a day in.  And I kind of had one.  I woke up late-ish and got my first assignments for the semester, did laundry, and read a little.  I also spent two hours of my life–that I will never get back–attempting to move the blog over to WordPress.  I failed.  Miserably.  It’s really confusing for someone as computer illiterate as me, so I ended up deleting everything in what I’m sure was a very colorful fit of rage.  I’m not giving up on the idea because WP can make a really nice-looking blog, but if it happens it’s going to be because I successfully recruited some poor schmuck to do the dirty work for me.

After said tantrum, I realized that if I stayed cooped up any longer, bad things might happen.  There was a farmer’s market down at the Quarry, so I headed over and then had lunch and did a little shopping at Whole Foods for the week.

Officially, this is my new favorite salad…spinach, kale, dark meat turkey, cherry tomatoes, roasted mushrooms, sea salt, and EVOO.  With coffee…obviously.

Even after I got back in from my little outing I was really restless, so I put together a nice little workout I could do in my room.  And let’s be honest, I was dying for an excuse to test a new top I got at Old Navy this morning…super psychedelic and only $10!!!

The workout is nothing crazy, involves nothing but your sweet self, is only 16 minutes, and got rid of any excess energy I had left.  In fact, I felt like I’d been hit by a truck.

Warm-up (3 x Rounds of 10 Jumping jacks, 10 trunk rotations, 10 push-ups, 10 split kicks)
1 round each (20 sec work/10 sec rest):

Had to blast the AC afterwards…I was schweaty.

For dinner tonight, I picked up a roast chicken from WF.  My Mom is probably the biggest fan ever of the whole chicken for quick meals, and I’m ashamed to say I really never understood the joy and ease of it until today.  A whole organic chicken is only $8.99 and I can just keep anything I don’t finish in the fridge.  It’s pre-seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper, sage, and thyme.  It’s tender.  Juicy.  Crispy.  What’s not to love?!

Just a heads up, this is going to happen again…probably at home, too.  Every grocery store on the planet has a stand with whole roast chickens, so why the hell not??  (At Sam’s you get two per bag!!).  I This would also be a great idea for anyone on the road.

I shredded as much as I could eat onto a plate, nuked it, and had it alongside some broccoli crunch salad (broccoli, almonds, raisins, bacon)…

Delicious.  Back to class tomorrow…I’m already planning on doing “Michael” (it’s Monday’s WOD at my Crossfit gym) here at the hotel gym.  I love the simpler ones that I can take on the road!


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