I both love and hate The WOD Shop.  I love it because it eliminates any need I have to be creative when it comes to my workouts.  I hate it because it causes me physical pain.

Today’s WOD:

3 Rounds for Time:
400m Run
50 Squats

Since it’s a randomly generated WOD and has no name, I shall call this one “Cecilia,” because she broke my heart.  When I told The Man about it, his initial response was, “Oh, that’s cool.  Good for you!”…you know, which actually meant something like *Oh, you wussie*

Whatever.  Say what you want.  I know she looks harmless, but she HURT.  I finished in 14 minutes.  I’m sure there were extra seconds added on to that but I used a wall clock to time myself, so deal with it.

Breakfast this morning was an old favorite…Pumpkin Spice Hot Cereal.

Obviously I don’t have a food processor at the hotel, so I just used 1/4 c almond meal instead of the ground pecans.  I was also missing the spices but it was just fine without them.

Today was another loooooooooong day of class.  The course is pretty intense but that’s a good thing because I’m learning a lot.  However (comma) I have to admit that I’m a little worried I may be developing a bed sore on my ass from sitting nine hours a day.

Central Market had a special on today for brisket–one of my favorite things about Texas–so clearly I had a patriotic obligation to eat it.  A lot of it.  With B-nut squash and a ton of sea salt.  Natch.

During/after dinner, The Man and I watched the State of the Union together via Skype.  In fact, one of our first dates was watching Obama’s first State of the Union address.  Don’t judge.


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