Just Peachy

When you’re traveling, there’s a lot of sacrifice when it comes to the fun and uniqueness of your food.  Since eating Paleo can be really challenging, I’ve found some staple meals (roast chickens, salads, Paleonola…) and run with them.  And when you find ways to mix it up and make them a little more exciting, it’s a good day.

I’ve been craving peaches lately in a BAD way…yes, I am fully aware that they’re about as far out of season as you can get.  Mostly because I couldn’t find them anywhere…until this week, when I paid an arm and a leg for some extra small, extra hard ones (that’s what she said) at Whole Foods.  I had to leave them on the windowsill all week, but they were finally soft this morning–they cut like butter and were everything I always dreamed.  Anyway, I cut up a couple of them and threw them in a bowl with some almond milk and let it all sit for a while as I got dressed, then threw some Paleonola on top of it all…and voila!  Peaches n’ Cream.  Oh. My. God.  So good.

It’s the little things.

Today’s workout was some more speed work.  Gotta love it.  No, I hate it, but it’s so good for you–both in terms of getting faster and stronger (duh), enhancing cardiovascular strength, and tapping the ol’ fat stores (wedding in three months, people).

5 x 400m @ 7 min/mi
5 x 400m @ 6 min/mi

Hanging leg raises

I was watching Saturday Night Live on VH1 during the running portion, but about 10 minutes in I realized it wasn’t SNL at all…it was Mob Wives.  Have you guys heard of it?  It’s ridiculous…if my hubby was a mobster I’d probably be content laying low, but these chicks put it all out in the open.  I mean, boobs and lips like I never thought possible…and this coming from a Real Housewives addict.

OK, The Man is on his way to San Antonio for the weekend and I have to shower.  I smell like toxic waste right now, and that’s to me.  I don’t even want to know what the people on the elevator ride up were thinking.  Sorry y’all.  


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