Tabata Sprint Workout

Only three more days and I’ll be back to a real kitchen.  I’m pretty surprised I haven’t been thrown on the street for posing such an incredible fire hazard in here.  I threw a sweet potato in the toaster oven last night before I went down to the gym and when I got back there was a pretty pungent “Something’s Burning” odor…no doubt a charred patch of something leftover from my college days.

Since I’m pretty sure you all know exactly what a baked sweet potato looks like, I won’t bother posting a picture.  But it was quite good.  Really.

Just know that my diet this week has probably been less than great–no, you silly people, I didn’t take a nosedive off the wagon.  I’m just saying that I’ve been living off of sweet potatoes, canned pumpkin, microwaved blueberries, and Paleonola.  I might need to revisit some protein at some point…just don’t rush me, dammit!

Nuked B-berries, almond milk, and Paleonola.  I thought it would taste like blueberry pie.  It didn’t.  Not good.  Don’t try this.

OK enough of that.  I wanted to share last night’s workout because it was awesome…like if I had any food in my stomach I might have vomited all over the nice hotel gym awesome…well, that might be a little extreme, but it was schweaty and I felt great once I stopped seeing bright spots.

Tabata Sprints

I did individual sets of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 8 rounds (4 minutes)…
After one set (8 rounds), rest about 3 or 4 minutes to bring your heart rate down…
Repeat x 4, trying to sprint faster each set…I maxed at about 5:45/mile pace.

The hotel has very little besides cardio equipment, but they do have a full set of dumbbells.  After my vomitrocious bout on the treadmill, I worked some upper body stuff:

Dumbbell Snatches (alternating)
Superset: Push-ups/Dumbbell Rows
Superset: Dumbbell Hang Cleans/Deadlifts
Superset: Sit-ups/Supermen

There’s no real rhyme or reason to any of that but sometimes good workouts are the result of some playing around at the gym.  I don’t workout with dumbbells much…ever…so, it was fun to just experiment a little bit 🙂


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