I generally wear closer-fitting workout clothes.  Not the completely skankified kind–there’s no “Juicy” written across my ass and I’m not really a fan of showing cheek or sideboob–but I don’t go for billowy T-shirts and sweats.  Tanks and spandex?…oh, yeah.  Lulu = my SFAM…

I have a reason for telling you this and it’s not because I’m on the prowl for your man.  I’m just hot…the atrocious, schweaty, smelly way.  While you might think wearing huge clothes would increase air circulation and keep you cooler, you are mistaken, my friend…at least in my case.  Me, I end up looking like a Tomato-Faced Sludge Monster from the Deep.

Today’s workout was the WOD for my gym back home.  I had to practice the Manmakers before go time because I’m really uncoordinated, but they were worth it…kind of a weighted burpee.  If you feel like giving them a go, check out this video.  (Hot Shirtless Guy Alert!!!  EEK!)

3 Rounds for Time:

10 Manmakers
400m Run

I used 15lb dumbbells but switched to 10’s halfway through because I’m a major wuss.  My 400’s were on 8.0.

I also threw in a round of Tabata sprints just to keep the blood flowing.  I’m a little paranoid about my run time but I feel much better sprinting than I ever have in my life.  That might also be because I’ve actually been stretching lately…


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