Mushroom Chicken Fricassee

It’s definitely true that you never sleep as well as you do in your own bed.  It’s great to be home again!  The Man and I have been catching up on chores and errands today–although I have to say the house was spotless when I got in yesterday…he’s one Awesome Dude…which may or may not have something to do with my decision to spend the rest of my life with him, I dunno 😉

On the way home from Sam’s, I insisted on a pit stop at Splash Tan.  I’m a little melanin-challenged and decided that enough was enough…besides, having a tan makes your muscles look more defined, and therefore makes you stronger.  The Man was gracious enough to join me even though his Mexican genes and Florida upbringing allow him to tan at will, which is totally unfair.  It’s OK, though, I’ll just use the rest of his salon passes for him before the wedding.  Maybe then…just maybe…I’ll have achieved a lovely bronze.  Ok, let’s be realistic, at best it’ll be more of a taupe.  But it sure as hell beats the whiter-than-white with the rando pink splotches I have going now.

This evening we headed down to Round Rock for a garage-WOD with some friends.  We did “Helen” this time…I finished 15:33 and The Man rolled in at 11:30…such a stud.  We brought some dinner, booze, and Settlers of Catan for afterwards…it’s a great game, by the way.  I get really into it…like, loud and possibly violent.  Do NOT screw with my roads to the ports.

For dinner, I threw together this little chicken dish along with some sauteed cabbage.  A “fricassee” is a pretty loose term in French cooking for anything stewed in a thick sauce, but giving fancy names to your dishes only help make you look more like a culinary genius.


2 T Olive Oil

2 Thick Slices Bacon, diced

1 Small Onion, dices

2 c Sliced Mushrooms

Salt and Pepper to taste

1/4 t Basil

1/4 t Oregano

1/2 t Thyme

1 T Coconut Aminos

1 Can Coconut Milk

1/2 c Spicy Mustard

6 Skin-on Chicken Thighs, cubed

Heat oil in the bottom of a large pot over medium-high heat and add bacon.  Cook until crisp, then add onions.  When they are translucent, add mushrooms and seasoning.

When the mushrooms are soft, add the coconut milk and mustard.  Reduce to medium heat and simmer for 10 minutes until slightly thickened.  Add chicken and cover the pot for 20 minutes or until cooked through.

Serve over sauteed cabbage or cauliflower rice.


5 responses to “Mushroom Chicken Fricassee

  1. This looks really good. I’d just like to ask though, do you have the estimated macronutrient contents of this dish? I’m kinda trying to balance my macros.

    • Not sure exactly (you can try Fit Day or a similar program) but it’s definitely higher fat and protein and lower carb depending on what you serve it with!

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