Avocado Brownies

Holy Guacamole!!

I love avocados oh-so-much…they’re nature’s butter!  I love them in guac, on salad, on eggs, or all by themselves.  If you’ve never devoured an entire avocado all by itself, you’re missing out on one of the richest culinary experiences nature has to offer.  Bonus points, too, if you can get all the flesh off the pit without using your hands…and without breaking your jaw on the pit.  Huh, maybe I need to socialize more.

What do I love more than avocados?  Um…chocolate.  Duh.

Last night I was ready to kick a puppy for something chocolate-y and hot from the oven…but alas, my cupboards were bare.  Instead, I drank about 50 cups of mint tea and went to bed all pouty.

But today was a new day, my friends.


4 oz Unsweetened Chocolate, melted in 1 T Coconut Oil

3 Small Avocados (or 2 Large)

1/2 c Honey

3 Eggs

1/4 c Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

1 T Vanilla

1 T Coconut Flour

1 t Baking Soda

1/2 t Salt


Puree the avocado flesh in a food processor.  Make sure there are NO lumps left over…as good as chunky guacamole is, I can’t say that it’s all that good baked into a brownie.

Beat all remaining ingredients together with the avocado in a bowl with an electric mixer until really smooth and fluffy.

Spoon batter into a greased 8×8 baking dish.

Bake at 350 degrees for 35 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out smooth.

***Finally, some shameless self-promotion:

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57 responses to “Avocado Brownies

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  2. Sounds fantastic! How long do they keep? I’m looking for grain-, legume-, and tree nut-free snacks that I can pack for a ski trip.

  3. Seriously, can you taste the avocado at ALL? I adore avocados, but my friend detests them. I really want to make something she will enjoy, too. We’re both on a no-grain, low-carb diet.

  4. OH so good!!! Just made my first batch. Turned out absolutely perfect — moist but light, very more-ish. The kids are incredibly happy, but I’m bummed out that I have to share.

    The ingredients remind me of the chocolate “pudding” that I make for them: Mash together an avocado & a ripe banana. Stir in 2Tbsp coconut milk or almond milk, 3-4Tbsp cocoa powder, ¼ tsp vanilla, pinch cinnamon, pinch salt, & 1Tbsp agave nectar. Whiz it all up, chill, enjoy!)

  5. OK, one last comment. Could I sub almond flour for the 1T of coconut flour? My friend, bless her heart, absolutely hates coconut and avocado, and I want her to be able to eat these. Can you taste ANY coconut? For me, I adore coconut and avocados and could just live on them, but I’m trying to get her to stop noshing on raisins and chocolate chips.

    • I don’t think you can taste the coconut at all, but Ross said he could a little bit. Since the purpose of the coconut flour is to absorb some of the moisture and thicken the batter, I’m not sure how almond meal would work…you might have to use a bit more, like 2 or 3 T. I would also try arrowroot powder since it’s a good thickener, too…let me know if any of these work for you!

  6. I think I did something wrong. I was so excited about these brownies but my end result is not very good. I purchased 100% Cacao unsweetened chocolate and had all the ingredients you listed. I live in FL so I used 2 large FL avocados. The texture of the brownie is mushy even though I baked them more than 35 minutes. I’m just trying to figure our where I went wrong. Any suggestions?

    • For the original recipe, I used 3 small Hass avocados, so I had about a cup and a quarter of flesh. Are you sure you put in enough eggs and the coconut flour? The extra tablespoon of coconut flour was the last fix I had to make before the texture was where I needed it to be!

    • I live in FL too, and our FL avocados are different in texture than the Haas. They have less fat content and tend to be more watery. I like them for making chocolate pudding, but they make a watery guac, and I imagine they are the reason your brownies were too soggy.

    • Yes. I prefer honey in general but agave or maple syrup would probably work as well. I find that agave is sweeter, so perhaps it would be best to use a little less so the brownies aren’t overly sweet.

      • I have used agave syrup for the recipe but it turned out to be not sweet at all. I would use double the amount recommended for honey instead and see how it goes. Good luck!

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  9. I was excited to make these, the batter was so yummy…but after I baked them they tasted like a chocolate omlet, not so great. where did I go wrong?!

    • Hmmm…I’m not sure but that sucks! Did you mix it well enough? If you didn’t then the eggs may not have been incorporated into the batter…that’s why I always use an electric mixer!

  10. Excellent recipe! Just munching on my first batch. I am an extra sweet tooth so I think next time I’ll either add some white sugar or maybe I’ll mush in one ripe banana or maybe just add more honey. Otherwise, the texture and taste is fantastic. For anyone worried about tastes of avocado, you can’t taste it at all. Just Yummy! Thanks 🙂

  11. These sound delicious! I think I’ll add a splash of coffee and a dash of cayenne or chipotle powder for an Aztec-ish twist. Thanks for the recipe!

  12. I’ve made these a few times with some modifications like adding almond extract or making it into a chocolate spice brownie by adding lots of cinnamon and allspice. I’ve also made it using two avocados and one very ripe banana to add a little extra natural sweetness. I used almond flour cuz I didn’t have coconut flour but I also added a couple tablespoons of unsweetened shredded coconut and the texture was great. PS….a little tip on getting the pit out cleanly…after halving it stab the pit with a knife and you can twist it right out. Then use a wide flat spoon to scrape the meat out of the skin.

  13. I’ve experimented with a base of pureed black beans for my brownie recipe but this definitely has me inspired to try avocados instead. I imagine the finished product would be slightly more fudgie than my “beanies”.

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  15. I finally made this today. Oh, yeah, they’re good! I used local honey, but I didn’t find it very sweet. Until I paired it with Breyer’s Carbsmart vanilla ice cream. Orgasmic!

  16. Gosh darn it these were good! Looking forward to the end of the pan so I can make another batch and start finding fun ways to change the personality and customize with add ins 🙂 Not that it needs anything more, these are perfect as is!

  17. so delicious!! my friends actually prefered these to regular chocolate chip cookies!
    I baked the brownies for about an hour tho, because they were too cake like after 35 minutes. I also kept them in the freezer as they become a little firmer and theyre soosososo good wow!

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  20. Loved these. Just about to make another batch today. I used sweetener instead of honey, since I cannot have honey or very much sugar. I’d never had black bean brownies, but my sisters tried my avocado brownies & said they were comparable if that helps anyone>>> I found them incredibly moist, but not icky texture wetness that some of the recipes have with moist ingredients (I eat Paleo (ish) and find a lot of baking is like that unless I tweak it). Just heading to the kitchen for another batch * a double this time* Mine kept in the fridge for almost 2 weeks, as the days went on the moisture and texture changed a bit, they got a bit ‘crisper’ but I still loved them and so did my family. They freeze great, and I think my favourite two things are A:) my 4 year old son LOVES THEM and B)I love eating them with my home-made coconut mousse/whipped cream.

    Enjoy! Thank you soo much for this recipe. It has saved my chocolate tooth 🙂

  21. These look AMAZING! I don’t have bakers chocolate just cocoa powder, do you think I could use cocoa powder and extra oil in place of the baking chocolate?? Thanks!

    • Yes, you can use cocoa and oil, the side of your container of cocoa should give you the appropriate ratio of cocoa to oil to equal one unsweetened square. Mine says 3 T cocoa and 1T oil equals a one ounce square.

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  27. I was very excited to make them, unfortunately i followed the recipe to a T and it came out awful. They were perfectly cooked, had all the right ingredients…Chocolatey, yes. Overwhelming taste of avocado, yes.
    Not pleased.

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