Strawberry Jam Omelet

Sometimes you stumble onto something so bizarre but so fracking good you’re left speechless.  Utterly speechless.

OK, wits regained.  But seriously, who the hell puts strawberries on eggs?  Earlier in the week I overheard something about a “jam omelet,” and at first I was able to dismiss the notion as some bizarre pregnant-lady craving or something.  Alas, the seed had been planted, though, and by this morning I couldn’t resist anymore.

So yes, this omelet left me speechless.  It left me wondering why the hell I’d ever wolf down dry, gritty “Paleo Pancakes” ever again when I can have a light, fluffy, slightly-crisp-around-the-edges cloud of goodness with a sweet burst of strawberries awaiting within.

I cannot stress this enough, though…you have to use an electric mixer to beat your eggs if you want the crepe-like texture that makes this so good!


(Makes 1 Omelet)

1 T Coconut Oil, for cooking

3 Eggs

2 T Coconut Milk

Strawberry “Jam”

(I used about half of this for my omelet, so I’d say this is enough for 2-3)

1 Pint Strawberries, halved

1 T Water

Pinch salt

1/2 T Palm Sugar or Honey

Small Handfull of Walnuts (optional)


First, make your “jam.”  In a saucepan over medium heat, bring strawberries, water, salt, and honey to a boil, stirring constantly to avoid burning.  Allow the mixture to simmer and reduce for about 10 minutes.

For each omelet, beat 3 eggs with 2 T coconut milk until frothy.  The electric mixer is a must because it provides an extra-fluffy texture for a sweet omelet.

Heat 1 T coconut oil over medium heat.  Add the egg mixture and cook until the bottom starts to set.  Gently push the edges up with a spatula and let any residual liquid flow underneath.

When the bottom is set completely, spoon the strawberries onto the omelet with a slotted spoon.  Be careful to avoid adding too much liquid to the eggs…we don’t want soggy, people!  Sprinkle on the nuts if desired and flip one side of the omelete over.  Cook for 30 seconds on one side, then flip the whole thing over and cook for 30 seconds on the other.

Top with whipped cream or more strawberries, if you should be so inclined!


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