Just Married

This weekend was a whirlwind of flowers, poufy dresses, hairspray, family, friends, feather boas (that’s how I roll), and emotions–good ones!

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately and can’t believe all that’s happened in the past year.  On this day a year ago, I was in Iraq and nowhere near close to coming home.  It was just starting to get hot while Ross was dealing with the homefront in the worst way possible.  There is almost nothing as frustrating as being on the other side of the world from the person you love most when they need you the most.  Since then, I have returned home and been uprooted from the first home we had together (although Colorado is awesome!) for a brand new job I know nothing about and Ross is leaving the service and starting a new job with suits and ties, iPads, and frequent flyer miles.  Along the way we ran into some nasty bumps in the road and have been dealing with some knarly consequences of our line of work, but are making it through–one day at a time–with a whole lot of tears but a whole lot of laughter, too.

Oh, yeah…and we just got married.

We’re packing up the last of our little home here in Austin and will make the trek up to the Rockies tomorrow.  I already decided I won’t be blogging this week so that Ross and I can have a chance to sit back, relax, and just enjoy each other a little after what has been quite a series of life changes all at once.

See you soon!



3 responses to “Just Married

  1. Congratulations! You look stunning! If the road was easy the destination wouldn’t be worth it! Thank you for serving our country, and thank you for writing your blog. Look forward to hearing more from the great state of Colorado!

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