Introducing…tgipaleo’s Offal Week!

At the risk of driving away pretty  much everyone who’s ever read my blog, I’ve taken on a little project.  I’m of the camp that wholeheartedly believes we simply do not consume enough organ meat…for a variety of reasons.  It’s sustainable, it’s nutritious as hell, it’s so cheap it hurts, and it’s effing delicious.  At least I think so, at least, but nobody listens to me.

OK, ok.  I was totally grossed out by the thought of eating organ meats, too.  I mean…they’re ORGANS!!!!  Have you SEEN the Saw movies?!  That sh*t is just gross…except that all meat is technically an organ meat and eating skeletal muscle tissue is just as gross if we wanna get all scientific about it.  I digress…

It’s OK.  Despite having a very Lithuanian mother who was all about the gizzards and brains, I’d never touched the stuff until earlier this year after  husband guilted me into trying liver for the first time.  It’s hard to turn down Nature’s Multivitamin.  And I will even admit that the texture and appearance threw me for a loop at first.  Ditto with hearts and tongues.  But they were all deceptively delicious…and so Offal Week was born.

Over the next five days, I’ll be posting recipes for a handful of organ meats I’d never have thought to touch before.  I tried my best to mix it up a little and give you guys some ideas that will not only make said organ meat more appealing and appetizing, but also to give a little bit of a heads up–or at least as much as I can via the Interwebs–of what to expect from the taste and texture.

I will not try to tell you the stuff tastes like chicken.  There are some…”unique” culinary experiences ahead of you.  But for those of you up for something different (and cheap!  and SO good for you!), I hope I can help you along.  For the other 99.999% of you who will never visit my blog again, it’s been a pleasure…


15 responses to “Introducing…tgipaleo’s Offal Week!

  1. I love it. I’m in… at least to watch if not play along at home. I’ve gotten friendly with liver, but I have no freaking ideal what to do with gizzards and the one time I tried kidneys they frankly tasted like pee. Tongue however, I’m open to trying… maybe kidneys again, maybe not.

  2. I’m pretty excited too about offal week! Looking forward to some encouragement, er, recipes that will entice me to jump into the deep end of the pool. Go for it TGIP!!

    • Thanks! I had a really, REALLY hard time getting into organ meat but it can be done! I’m not promising every item will be palatable for everyone, but I’m hoping and praying you all can find at least ONE recipe you like!

  3. Linked over from MDA today – love the blog & recipes.

    I’m in too – been eating (well, ok, swallowing with copious quantities of water) raw liver for a couple months, an ounce each morning. Would love to try some organ recipes that I might actually *like*, rather than just gag down because it’s good for me.

    • Thank you so much! I really tried to make sure I had some recipes that would appeal to the masses since I had a really hard time getting over the…well…”discomfort” I had with offal. Don’t worry, the goal behind my liver recipe this week was definitely to hide it among some more “conventional” ingredients. But raw liver? That’s got to be one of the best things for you in the world…just don’t know if I could do it…but you’ve got me curious 😉

      • To elaborate a bit: I buy high-quality grass fed liver (well, the cows are grass fed, not the liver), chop it into small pieces (marble size), and freeze it. Then I pull out 6 or 8 pieces in the morning, let them thaw, then swallow them with a glass of warm water (warm seems better for some reason).

        I’ve found that raw grass-fed liver actually has almost none of that liver taste I dislike, so it really does sound worse than it is. Once past the ‘ickiness’ of the idea it is pretty easy to take my natural vitamins ‘pills’.

  4. Sent over by MDA as well and SO EXCITED for this! Scored a lamb heart and beef liver at the farmer’s market this weekend. Was thinking of just chopping them up in my eggs, but now maybe I’ll have new ideas!

  5. Sent over by MDA as well and so excited. Scored a lamb heart and a lb of beef liver at the farmer’s market this weekend and have been wondering what I will do with them. The farmer’s market lady was excited to see me as I ask for offal on a weekly basis and always walk away empty handed. I’m now the weird offal girl to everyone there. Own it.

  6. I’ve been using kidneys in casseroles for the last month or so & been spying liver and brains at the butcher but just wasn’t sure where to start. I look forward to your series.

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