Booze-Infused Rosemary Chicken

OK, so it’s no secret that my crock pot is my absolute most valuable possession.   Like…it’ll totally be the first thing I grab in a fire.  (Wedding rings can totally be replaced.  And upgraded.)  I also love wine.  And I was so lazy last night that I dumped a bottle of wine in my crock pot…then threw some food in there, too.  I mean…my two favorite things in the world are bound to make something extra special delicious, right?

I was right.  Duh.

This is the most tender, moist chicken I’ve ever had.  It’s actually based on one of our go-to recipes we found in a Men’s Health magazine and doctored a bit over the years.  If you’re not keen on booze, rest assured that all the alcohol cooks out.  I actually don’t know if that’s true.  You can sub chicken broth.  Why the hell don’t you like wine?


1 Whole Chicken

1 Onion, diced

1 pint Cherry Tomatoes

1 c Fresh Green Beans

2 Medium Turnips, diced

1 Bottle (yes, BOTTLE) White Wine

2 T Rosemary

1/2 t Sage

Salt and Pepper to taste


Place the chicken in your crock pot.  Leave the gizzards in or take them out, it really doesn’t matter.  If you take them out, shove a lemon up it’s butt…you won’t be disappointed.

Toss everything else in the crock pot on top.  Cook on low for 7-8 hours or so.  Don’t try this one on high.  The long, slow cooking allows the alcohol to tenderize the meat like nothing you’ve ever seen before.  Holy Crap.



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