Double Chocolate Kahlua Cake with OMFG The Best Frosting EVER

Um…don’t shoot me or anything…but…this isn’t Paleo.

Yes, yes, yes.  I am fully aware that there are a plethora of Paleo cakes out there, but it was Ross’s Big Day and I was feeling cah-RAZY and went with this instead.  (No worries, at least it’s gluten-free…even when we go off the rails, neither of us can afford a nuclear event in the bathroom 5 minutes later…TMI?).  If it’s a once a year type dealio, then who the hell cares if it’s Paleo or not?  Sugar is sugar is sugar, whether it’s raw honey or cane sugar or marshmallow cream.  Are Paleo desserts “better”?  Sure–but folks, they are not GOOD FOR YOU or HEALTHY.  So please stop posting this sh*t all over Pinterest, OK?  Dessert is dessert.  It is NEVER healthy…unless it’s fruit…and if you think fruit that isn’t in pie or cobbler form is a dessert there’s something horribly wrong with you.

OK, sorry.  What I should be talking about is this cake.  Just like his birthday dinner, this was my husband in cake form–refreshingly simple with a dark side.  Seriously, anyone can make this cake.  Anyone.  My mother, ever the utilitarian, taught me from an early age to embrace cake mixes for everything from wedding cakes to brownies to cookies to pancakes.  I was a little wary of using gluten-free cake mix for one of my old favorite recipes, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t just as good as ever.  A dangerous revelation.  You’re welcome.

And the frosting…OMG the frosting…this should probably be a post on its own but whatever, I’m lazy.

I wishwishwish I could tell you who came up with it because there needs to be a National Holiday in her honor.  But alas, all I had was a Pin with no source link (hatehatehate it when that happens!!), so I took a chance and just mixed everything together.  Um, people…it’s the best damned cake frosting I’ve ever had.  And I’m a Frosting Person to the core.


1 box Gluten-Free Devil’s Food Cake Mix (I used Betty Crocker, but any brand will do)

2 T Dark Cocoa Powder

3/4 c Kahlua

3/4 c Buttermilk (or canned coconut milk)

1/2 c Coconut Oil, melted

3 Eggs



Throw it all in a large bowl.  Beat on medium speed with a hand mixer or stand mixer for 3 minutes.  Pour into two, greased, 9-inch pans.  Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean.  Cool completely before frosting.


I’ll just SHOW you…

Yep.  Just beat together 16 oz cream cheese, 2 jars of marshmallow fluff, and 1 small tub (or 1/2 large) of Cool Whip.  Bam.  Awesome.


4 responses to “Double Chocolate Kahlua Cake with OMFG The Best Frosting EVER

  1. Happy Birthday Ross! My hubs bday was the 11th so we had multiple days of celebration. There may have been cake(s) involved, but I will have to find a different special occasion to make this one becuase it looks super YUM!

  2. Oh damn! I just drooled on my keyboard. I wasnt ready for something as sexy and delicious sounding as non-paleo frosting. Now that I’m happily acquainted, insert cheesy voice of “Hello there you sexy beast”

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