Pierogi Casserole

So I’m using Cappello’s again.  Sooo…not 110% Paleo but the only reason is the potato starch in the noodles–depending on your food tolerances and as long as you’re active and healthy, I’d say it’s fine for occasional consumption.  Some schools of Paleo even include regular consumption of formerly forbidden foods like white rice and potatoes, so whatever floats your boat.  Besides, they’re really, really good for all your pasta needs and the fine product of a local small business!  Yay!  And do me a favor and at least keep your hate mail somewhat civil?  I got some nasty emails about my husband’s birthday cake last week and they hurt my feelings, you guys!

Having an Eastern European mother, I love my pierogis.  LOVE THEM.  But I mean, a whole lotta wheat in there so they were one of the many things that haven’t made an appearance in my kitchen for years.  I had some leftover Cappello’s Lasagna noodles, though–not quite enough to make another one of these, but I didn’t want to waste them.  So I went to the Sacred Keeper of All Knowledge for help and Googled, “What to do with leftover lasagna noodles that’s not lasagna.”  Lots of cool ideas, but I found one comment on a Cooks.com forum that mentioned a Pierogi Casserole as a side dish…just noodles layered with buttery mashed potatoes and onions.  Well, I’m not really the side dish type.  I needed a hearty meal for my hearty husband.  So here’s what happened…

Little known fact…I look instantly better through an Instagram Filter…


(Serves 2-4)

2-3 Cappello’s Lasagna Noodles, cut in half

2 Large Sweet Potatoes

2 T Pastured Butter (coconut oil would be fine)

2 lbs Polish Sausage or Kielbasa, chopped and cooked if not cured

1/2 t Salt

1/2 t Pepper

1/2 t Cumin

1/3 c Butter (again, you can use coconut oil as well)

2 Small Red Onions, sliced

Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese and chopped Fresh Parsley, for garnish (*Optional*)


Bake your sweet potatoes, wrapped in foil, for 90 minutes at 425 degrees…you want them mushy!  While still piping hot, toss them into the bowl (skins and all) with the 2 T butter, salt, pepper, and cumin.  Mash well and then puree with an electric mixer.  Fold in your sausage to the potato mixture.

Heat the remaining 1/3 c butter over medium heat.  When it begins to bubble, add the onions, whisking every few minutes until the butter is browned.  Do not let it burn!!  Remove from heat and cool

In a greased 8×8 dish, layer your ingredients.  Place a layer of the potato-meat mixture on the bottom, spreading to the edges.  Top some of the sauteed onions and browned butter.  Place a layer of lasagna noodles on top of that.  Spread another layer of potatoes, then onions and butter, then noodles.  Top with one final layer of potatoes and onions.

Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes until light brown on top.  Serve sprinkled with Parmesan and fresh parsley, if desired.



6 responses to “Pierogi Casserole

  1. You got hate-mail? that’s awful! I mean, we’re all loving paleo, but some people just need to relax, it’s primal, not prison. This is a great blog, if people don’t like a recipe, they should just…..not make it…

  2. You got hate mail over a cake? ITS A BIRTHDAY CAKE. Wow.

    Anyway, I wanted to comment because I saw your shirt… Are you a hokie?!?!?!?!?! I spent the last 6 years down at VT and just moved away in July!! My boyfriend still lives there so I’ll be back for visits 🙂 Awesome. I love finding other hokies 🙂

    • I’m only an honorary Hokie 😦
      My sister along with a ton of my high school friends went there, so I spent a good amount of time there myself and live and die by Hokie Football! What department were you in?

  3. I am going to have to try this. My Ukrainian boyfriend thinks pierogis are a major food group and we make them from scratch usually a couple times a year. This would be a fun quick substitute.

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