A Perfect Paleo Thanksgiving Giveaway!

I’m very excited to announce TGIPaleo’s first official giveaway!  I’ve been fortunate enough to link up with Brianna of FlippinDelicious.com and offer three of you guys a chance to win an ebook copy of her new cookbook—A Perfect Paleo Thanksgiving!  (Also available in Kindle and Paperback on Amazon.)  She’s also one of the lovely ladies behind the Paleo 30-Day Challenge, a program that–just like it sounds–is a way for oldies and newbies alike to get back on track with a support network, recipes, cooking classes, and daily motivation. I really encourage you guys to check out the site, “Like” them on Facebook, and spread the word to support the effort.  

Holidays can suck for us Paleo Nerds, but only if we’re not prepared.  There are so many wonderful dishes that are already Paleo-friendly, or that can be tweaked to suit your needs.  This cookbook does a little of both…we have our staples like roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, and gravy.  We’ve got new twists on classics like the green bean casserole (it’s even got the fried onions on top!!).  And…OMFG…she’s got some of the most drool-worthy desserts I’ve ever seen, all completely Paleo and dairy-free.  Holy crap, there’s a PECAN PIE, people.  And PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE.

Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away so you don’t want to miss this.  You have until Midnight, PST, on Sunday November 11 to enter.  There are 3 ways to do that…you can do one, or all three to up your odds:

1.  Leave a comment below with your favorite Paleo Thanksgiving recipe…if possible, provide a link

2.  Leave a separate comment with a favorite Thanksgiving recipe you WISH was Paleo…I’ll be picking out a few to Paleo-ify (or at least make a valiant attempt)

3.  Sign up for the Paleo 30-Day Challenge!  (and if you would kindly mention this in a comment, it would help me a lot.  I’m sooooo needy, I know)

Can’t wait to hear your recipes and ideas…no holds barred, now…I’m looking for a challenge!  Good luck!

For more recipe ideas, and for a little blast from the past, check out my recipe round-up from last year.  I’m putting together a new one as well that should be out next week!


37 responses to “A Perfect Paleo Thanksgiving Giveaway!

  1. My mom made two recipes while we were growing up. One was a wild rice stuffing, and the other was just adding a few things to regular mashed potatos. I can make the mashed potato one with cauliflower and it is close enough, but the rice just isnt the same.

    I signed up for the Paleo 30 day challenge! I need it right now to make it through the holidays! Can we do a Paleo 54 day challenge?

  2. Paleo-fied cranberry sauce HAS to be my favorite. I’ve made it before by combining a couple recipes I’ve seen. Started with Mark’s ( http://www.marksdailyapple.com/simmered-cranberry-sauce-and-spicy-cranberry-relish/ ) as the base and added some OJ and zest, ginger, cinnamon, red wine, and a wee bit of honey. Ginger and orange zest?! YES please!
    My childhood Thanksgiving memories revolve around the turkey dressing my mom would make. Cornbread and biscuits made from scratch with a ton of sage. Oh how I wish that was paleo…
    AND to conclude this novel, I’ve just signed up for the 30-day paleo challenge. Been a while since I’ve gone all paleo, it’s about that time again. Thanks for the reference!

  3. Aaaand apparently I’m not good at following directions…

    My childhood Thanksgiving memories revolve around the turkey dressing my mom would make. Cornbread and biscuits made from scratch with a ton of sage.

  4. I wish yorkshire puddings were paleo, or even gluten free. Unfortunatey I don’t think the is possible as there are basically 3 ingredients… flour, milk and eggs 😦 But they were always part of the holidays for me and I love pouring delicious homemade gravy from the turkey dripping all over them… yuuuuummmmmm!

  5. The recipe I wish were paleo is mashed potatoes. I’ve tried the mashed cauliflower. It really just tastes like cauliflower …

  6. I seriously wish there was a way to Paleofy the cheesy, comforting taste of my mom’s baked macaroni and cheese.

  7. Rosemary mashed cauliflower. Throw head of cauliflower with T of rosemary, T of pastured butter, S&P, and whatever else you like. Add some water for consistency and blend to perfection!

  8. I’d really LOVE a real paleo pumpkin roll recipe. I have searched in vain for one, and it is the one actual tradition in my family. Every year like clockwork, pumpkin rolls must appear. They are my favorite food…ever. Also, Pecan pie and Green bean casserole…I see that one was mentioned and I would love to see it. Thanks!

  9. I would love some paleo pumpkin pie, paleo mashed potatoes (cauliflower maybe?), or paleo banana bread! I used to love having banana bread on Thanksgiving and I need to find a really good recipe for a paleo version!

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