Giveaway Winners!! WooHoo!! (Oh, and Some Drool-Worthy Thanksgiving Recipes)

So just so you know how I picked my winners…good old Excel.  I was a Systems Engineering minor in college, so I love (hate?) me some Excel spreadsheets.  For every entry you all made, you got a spot on my spreadsheet and assigned a number.  Then I used the random number generator to generate 3 numbers, and we had our winners.  Yay, technology!

I also picked three non-Paleo recipes that I will make valiant attempts to Paleo-ify in time for the holiday.  If it ends in disaster, I’ll post the gory results anyway and you can make fun of me.

And our winners of a free copy of A Perfect Paleo Thanksgiving ebook are…

1.  Aimee

2.  Emily B

3.  happygrape2

Winners, please shoot me an email via the Contacts page NLT midnight Friday and I’ll hook you up!

And my 3 favorite non-Paleo Thanksgiving recipes I will try to Paleo-ify…

1.  Sweet Yeast Rolls

2.  Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallow Topping

3.  Yorkshire Puddings

Thanks to all of you who entered!  I’m hoping to feature some more giveaways in the not-so-distant future, so stay tuned!  In the meantime, here’s a roundup of some of the links to delicious Paleo Thanksgiving dishes provided by you.

Stuffed Dates

Simmered Cranberry Sauce and Spicy Cranberry Relish

Herb-Rubbed Turkey with Roasted-Garlic Gravy

Paleo Thanksgiving Turkey and Stuffing

Roasted Butternut Squash With Maple Sage Brown Butter

Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake

Bread Free Fruit and Nut Stuffing

Paleo Rosemary and Sage Bread Stuffing

My Personal Favorite Paleo Pumpkin Pie

Melissa’s 10 Thanksgiving Sides

And if you haven’t seen it, and you probably haven’t because it was a VERY early post on this blog, here is last year’s Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup.


4 responses to “Giveaway Winners!! WooHoo!! (Oh, and Some Drool-Worthy Thanksgiving Recipes)

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  2. The recipe links are all mixed up for me, is this happening to anyone else? I clicked on the swirl cheesecake and it took me to the butternut recipe, and I clicked on the bread stuffing recipe and it took me to the bread free recipe.

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