Giveaway Time!!! Top Recipes of Twenty Twelve

Holy Crap, you guys.  It’s almost the end of the year…or the end of the world if you’re even a wee bit susperstitious like me.  I really hope that’s not going to happen because I still haven’t found a hair color I’m willing to die in.


Sooooo I know my blog is barely over a year old, but I’ve been shocked at how much readership I’ve gotten…I never knew so many people would actually want to look at my kitchen creations.  I mean, geez, I put bacon in EVERYTHING.  And my photography skills suck.  And I eat weird animal parts.  Ew.  But, um, thanks?  I love getting your comments, emails, and ideas for tweaks to recipes and brand new ones, too.

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Or maybe you just like to send pics of my crazyness to friends and be all like, “Look what this Weirdo Crazy Biyatch did today!!”  That’s OK, too.

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So, anyway, I complied a list of my most popular recipes of the year based on both readership and  feedback.  And then because I thought a few didn’t get enough credit (I have weird tastes, I know), I’m giving you what I thought were my most underappreciated recipes.  Show ’em some love, y’all.

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**Top Ten of Twenty Twelve**

10.  Pepperoni Pizza Pot Pie – everything about pizza baked into a dish of deliciousness, and who doesn’t like a pepperoni crust??

9.  Cauliflower Mac & Cheese – because sometimes you just…NEED IT

8.  Whatever-Nut Butter Cookies – another case of me throwing some random crap into a bowl and making something beautiful…this rarely happens and I’m still counting my lucky stars

7.  Sweet & Spicy Meatballs – from my meatball phase, awesome as a quick meal

6.  Crispy General’s Chicken – who needs takeout?

5.  Plain ol’ Banana Bread – because sometimes the simplest things are the best…and it doesn’t hurt that it’s one of the few nut-free versions available

4.  Cookie Dough Brownies – do I even need to explain why we love these?

3.  Banana Pancakes – so easy, so good

2.  100% Paleo Cauliflower Pizza Crust – when I was sick of cookie-like almond crust but wanted a dairy-free alternative, you guys LOVED it

1.  Avocado Brownies – one of my oldest recipes is STILL the top hit on the blog!

**TGIPaleo’s Most Underappreciated**

1.  Sweet Potato Tots – just…please make these.  Please?

2.  Monument Chocolate Pie – based on the signature dessert from my favorite diner back in Texas.  Just…so…perfect

3.  Fried Chicken and Waffles – still a staple in our house…my Southern roots run deep, y’all

And finally, I’d like a little feedback from youIn exchange for gifts, of course!!


To make sure TGIPaleo has an even better Twenty Thirteen, please tell me 1.  What YOUR favorite recipe is on TGIPaleo and 2.  What you’d like to see from me this next year!  All you gotta do is leave a post in the comments.  I’ll be announcing winners in on Wednesday, December 19.  Two winners will recieve a very special treat from one of my favorite companies of all time–White Lion Baking Co.  In exchange for helping me keep the blog going another year, I’ll send you your choice of one of their fantastic baking mixes in time for all of your holiday celebrations.  Seriously, dudes, their baking mixes are fracking outstanding.  Yes, FRACKING!

Can’t wait to hear your ideas!  Good luck!


27 responses to “Giveaway Time!!! Top Recipes of Twenty Twelve

  1. You made a sausage and apple egg bake thingy (with rosemary and cinnamon, of all things!) that I luuuurrrrved. I was supposed to share with my family but I’m a terrible wife and mother and I ate the entire thing by myself. You’da been proud.

  2. 1. My fave so far is the Chocolate Glazed Donuts! Yes, I have a sweet tooth.
    2. I like quick snacks things, like bars and muffins. I’m new to using gelatin, so some ideas for that would be awesome, too.

  3. Kinda new to your blog, but I love it. We’ve tried the Chocolate Glazed Donuts (we loved them), the Pepperoni Pizza Pot Pie (another love), Butternut Squash Chili (YUM), and we’re trying the Fried Chicken and Waffles tonight (been waiting all week for these). I haven’t had time to try more but they are on my list. Thanks for helping me stay paleo and giving me awesome dishes that even the non- paleo in my house love.

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  5. I gotta give love to the Chili Dog Potato Pie! It’s definitely a favorite in our home. I really like the oxtails, but my husband wouldn’t try more than a bite; can’t wait until he sees that I have tripe in mind for dinner tonight. As far as what I’d like to see in the new year? More recipes with under-used meats like offal and cuts of meat (not that you don’t do a good job of it already).

  6. 1.One of your recipes I make time and time again is Crispy General’s Chicken. totally demolishes any Chinese food cravings; it’s soooo good.
    2. I’d like to see maybe a post on good Paleo snacks that are nut and fruit less (for those trying to lean out).

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  8. I LOVE the sweet potato tots!!!

    What I’d like to see more of next year is waffle recipes 🙂 (yes, I know you just posted one, but a girl can wish, right? Lol)

    Keep up the good work! I adore your blog!

  9. Your Pepperoni Pizza pie and Strawberry jam Omlete are amazing! I personally woud like to see more on the go snack recipes and/or crockpot recipes! Allof you recipes are great, thank you for your insight and amazing website!

  10. 1) My favorite is the plain old banana bread, because it led to me making some delicious french toast.

    2) More sweets that aren’t flour-based.

  11. Funny you mentioned those Sweet Potato Tots… That’s the 1st thing I tried from your blog! We’ve made that recipe about 15 times

    I’m a recent convert to paleo & really enjoy your posts 🙂 the holidays are somewhat intimidating, given the non-paleo-ish ness of most traditional baking, I’ve tried coconut flour but haven’t found almond flour locally yet. Next year? More ways for the uninitiated to learn to enjoy offal!

  12. I’m not 100% sure if I’ve ever tried any of your recipes “as written” because I tend to pin a bunch of recipes to Pinterest and then combine them to get something that sounds good to me… but I am *really* looking forward to trying the Choco-Cherry Upside-Down Banana Bread. A lot of my “treat” recipes use almond flour (which I’m out of), so I’m glad this one uses coconut flour.

  13. best recipe of ALL TIME… pumpkin bars. I replaced the honey with 1 puree’d slightly brown banana and we make it non stop in my house. I have issues with fructose and this was finally one dessert that actually tasted like a dessert to me! thank you!

  14. I love avocado brownies!!! I would love some yummy chocolate cookies that will turn a non-paleo person to paleo.

  15. I’ve tried SO many of your recipes, and they’re all fantastic. The most recent recipe I’ve tried that I absolutely loved was the butternut squash chili… two things that I make all the time and never thought to combine together! For the coming year, I’d love some more on-the-go options and crockpot dishes.

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  17. I LOVE your pinenut trusted salmon burgers! Those were the (yes people still say that…) I’d like to see maybe a run down of what you eat on days you’re not cooking something fabulous. I’m new to paleo and still navigating what to eat on those days I don’t feel like being in the kitchen for hours.

  18. BACON BANANA ALMOND BUTTER DONUTS! because… bacon in a sweet treat. these were/are awesome. I’d like to seeeeee… you keep it up, honestly. You bring a different side to the Paleo blog group and it works for you. congrats on your success and have fun in Cancun!

  19. the cauliflower crust recipe is awesome! i think you should work on making your blog a little more aesthetically appealing. i hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but you have amazing recipes and i love your sense of self in this blog, but your blog is cluttered and hard to read and boring looking

    • I will agree…I think it’s come a LONG way but there’s always improvements to be made! You wouldn;t happen to know any good blog designers, would you?

  20. 1. Plain old banana bread, because you’re a genius and figured out how to make it nut free. 2. Calorie counts/nutrition facts on your goods, for the people who read primal competitor (and thus want to have muscle/lose weight), but also read tgipaleo (and ts want to eat every single thing you make). Thanks! PS I have been DYING to try White Lion!

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