Vote! Vote! Vote!

OK you guys.   I need your help again.  I got some great feedback from my previous post, and I used all of the responses (See?!  I DO read them!) to come up with some areas of focus for the coming months.  Can’t divulge anything yet, but TGIPaleo is getting a MAJOR face-lift in the coming months!


I’m off to the white sandy beaches for the holidays, but in the meantime, I set up some polls for your voting pleasure…the first is more of what you want to see from the blog itself…and the second is to help me focus my culinary efforts–I don’t want to post too much stuff you guys won’t want to actually try


3 responses to “Vote! Vote! Vote!

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  2. Good morning! I’ve been eating Primally for almost a year now and I’ve only recently found your blog. It is my GO TO site for recipes and humour (Canadian sp. 😉 ) I’m all for the Primal recipes with dairy. Thanks so much for all your hard work, it makes mine so much easier! Happy 2013

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