Sunflower Banana Waffles

I stole this recipe.  From myself.  More on that in a sec.


While I was away,  I almost got washed away in a tidal wave of my own drool every time I passed the fresh-made-waffle station at one of the the resort’s five breakfast buffets.  Not wanting to crap myself in front of 500 strangers, however, I settled for mounds of chorizo, huevos rancheros, and my weight in chilaquiles.  I know, poor me…but still!  I’m a sucker for waffles and pancakes and french toast and all those warm, sugary, buttery, syrupy staples of my past.


So clearly, though, I knew exactly what my first breakfast at home was going to be.  Besides, it’s SEVEN DEGREES outside.  I almost froze my shorts-clad bootie off just walking back to the car last night…and THEN the house was THIRTY NINE DEGREES inside when we got home because I’m too cheap to leave the gas on for a week.  I’m still cold, even after taking a scalding hot shower and sleeping in enough layers for an Arctic expedition.  Yeah, I needed waffles.  Besides, as I’m wont to do, I’d left a bunch of bananas on the counter all week and they were completely brown and begging (BEGGING!) to be put to good use.


I made these for the first time waaaaaay back in November of last year.  But nobody ready the blog then so I don’t expect you’ve seen it.  For shame.  Well, I wouldn’t want to look at it, either, to be honest.  The picture was terrible…like someone barfed on a waffle-shaped…something.

But I love these and they’re light, fluffy, and fast.  The Sun Butter really gives them that perfect, lightly sweet flavor without being too “nutty”–I know sugar-free sunflower seed butter is tough to find but definitely go organic at the very least (I used Maranatha).  If you’re not into sunflower seed butter, though, any nut butter will work, though coconut oil also gives a nice, rich texture.


Oh, PS, if you haven’t voted yet, please do!  I’ve already got some plans for the site in the New Year, but I need your help!

**Download the Printable Version**


(makes 4 big waffles)

2 Ripe Bananas, mashed

1 T Sunflower Seed Butter

3 Eggs

1 t Vanilla

1 t Baking Soda

1/3 c Coconut Flour


Beat together all ingredients until you have a smooth batter.

Pour ladle-fulls onto a hot waffle iron.  Cook until golden brown.  Serve with more sunflower seed butter, or just butter and maple syrup.


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