Bacon-Crusted Quiche

OOOOOOOHHHHHH time for another oldie but goodie!


This was one of my very first recipes on the blog that people actually liked.  And I can’t believe I haven’t made it in months.  I’m a bad person, I know.


I figured this was very appropriate for the 21DSD since plain old bacon and eggs just gets a little monotonous after…um…two days.  Besides, it’s nice to have something in the fridge that I can just grab and re-heat.  Oh, who am I kinnding?  It’s great cold, too.  And topped with hot sauce.  (In case you care, I’m obsessed with Tessemae’s Buffalo Sauce lately…like, it’s getting obnoxious)


There are a few changes I made from the original…nothing crazy but since I don’t really do nut flour anymore Ihad to nix the almond meal (that really just made it kinda gritty anyway) and play with proportions…and honestly this one is better.  Much more quiche-like.  Is that a real thing?  Well, and clearly there’s more bacon on top.  Just ‘cuz.


**Printable Recipe**

1 pound Pastured Bacon

9 Eggs

3/4 c Canned Coconut Milk

1 Onion, diced

1 Zucchini, thinly sliced

1 c Sliced Mushrooms

1 t Salt

1 t Pepper

Additional 1/2 pound Bacon


Line a 9-inch pie plate with 1 pound of bacon, allowing some to fall over the edges.  Bake on top of another baking pan (to avoid grease fires) for 10-15 minutes, or until bacon is lightly browned.  Remove from the oven and drain some of the excess grease.

Beat the eggs, coconut milk, veggies, and seasoning.  Pour over the bacon crust.  Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

Remove the quiche from the oven.  Arrange the second pound of bacon on top.  Broil for 5-7 minutes, until the top layer is lightly crisped.

Serves 4-6


5 responses to “Bacon-Crusted Quiche

  1. Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a recipe that began with “Line a 9-inch pie plate with 1 pound of bacon…”
    I’m glad it’s the internet age and I don’t have to just follow you around all the time to get these life-changing nuggets of wisdom.

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